Our Mission

As one of the most popular modes of transport, vertical transport serves billions of passengers daily. Lifts and cableways are an integral part of our daily lives, so we should make them safe, reliable and energy efficient. That is the reason our main goal, to be supporting with all of our resources the manufacturers of lifts (elevators), safety components for lifts and cableways to achieve higher levels of safety, reliability, ride quality and the energy efficiency of their products.

About us

“LIFT Certificate TU-Sofia” (NB 2201) is a notified body for conformity assessment of lift (elevators) and cableways for more than 10 years. Part from the large family of "Technical University of Sofia-Technologies" Ltd (holding certificate ISO 9001) “LIFT Certificate TU-Sofia” has its own laboratory for testing of lifts, safety components for lifts and cableways. In addition, the lab has mobile measuring systems, which allows testing on field.