The procedures which we can apply according to the Lift Directive 2014/33/EU and Standards EN: 81-20:2014 and EN: 81-50:2014 are as follow:


Lifts (Elevators)

- EU-Type examination for lift - Annex IVB

- Unit verification for lifts - Annex VIII (Module G)

- Final inspection for lifts - Annex VB


Safety gear

Safety Components for Lifts

- EU-Type examination for Safety Components for Lifts - Annex IVA (Module В)

- Conformity to type with random checking for safety components for lifts - Annex IX (Module C2)

List of safety components for lifts

In the list below you can see the safety components for which can be applied the procedures above:

1. Devices for locking landing doors.
2. Devices to prevent falls referred to in point 3.2 of Annex I to prevent the car from falling or uncontrolled movements.
3. Overspeed limitation devices.
4. (a) Energy-accumulating buffers:
       (i) non-linear, or
       (ii) with damping of the return movement.
    (b) Energy-dissipating buffers.
5. Safety devices fitted to jacks of hydraulic power circuits where these are used as devices to prevent falls.
6. Electric safety devices in the form of safety circuits containing electronic components.