Lift Overload Divece

Lift overload device, type: UKT-02 is a lift overload device designed for installation in new or already installed lifts (elevators) constructions. The device consists four sensors and control box. The sensor was design for directly fitting on the suspension ropes of the lift (see picture 2), near to the point of fixation. The control box with the control board can be mounted directly on top of the car (if the lift suspension is 1:1 ratio) or on the wall of the shaft if the ratio is 2:1. The power supply is 220V AC, which makes device suitable for different lift constructions, also the separate sensors do not block the action of the electrical switch for detecting slacking rope. If the lift suspension is with more the four ropes, the installer can chose on which four ropes to install the sensor. After installation of the sensors, the exact numbers of the ropes can be adjusted very easy from one micro switch in the control box. For adjusting the overload limit is not necessary putting the loads inside of the lift car. It can be made only by changing the position of load limit switch in the control box for standard rated load - 4,5,6 and 8 persons, if different the value have to be given in the moment of placing the order from the client. Removing of the self-weight of lift car is also very easy only for few seconds. The total time needed for the installation of the device is between 10-15min without calibration process. The outs are possible in two configurations - one NO and one NC electrical switches or two NO and two NC, depends from the customer needs.